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Dave Anderson wrote:

> I'm looking into buying CELLULAR phone


> and what kind  of  phone , I heard digital is better
> what brand ? every company use deferent one

I don't really think the "brand" matters so much as your satisfaction with

Yes, you pretty much HAVE to go digital; that's a no-brainer.  For
starters, it's cheaper.  It is much easier for the carriers to handle
digital traffic, so they provide incentives to make sure you choose

Secondly, the quality and reliability are very much superior.

I have an Ericsson phone; my wife has an NEC (both digital).  They have
similar features, but look nothing alike.  As I say, choose the one you
"like" the most.  I use mine all over Texas, and find it uniformly reliable
(BTW, in those areas that are not yet "digital," the phone goes
automatically to "analog" mode).

There is a "new player" on the wireless communication market, the so-called
"PCS" or "personal communication system."  It is not "cellular" service per
se, but uses unit-to-unit communication whenever possible.  Comes out less
expensive, or so I'm told.

You might want to see if any of these (e.g. Aerial) are available in L.A.

I can't imagine life without my phone.