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Re: The Problem with Microsoft

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Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:

> There is nothing immoral or illegal about buying companies. It happens
> everyday.

Illegal, perhaps not.  But immoral, yes it is.

But beyond that:  We as users of services and products need to signify that we
don't like being boxed into a corner, where only one provider is available (or
even TWO, for that matter).  I have always been surprised that business users
have put up with this.

> And no, this is NOT the reason the DoJ has MS in court.

Yes it is.  No, not this incident, but the anti-competitive tactics that MS
has always used, is the "excuse" that DoJ has used to justify punishing MS
(for not contributing enough money to the Democratic Party--MS has only THREE
lobbyists in Washington, far, far fewer than any company its size).