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RE: The Problem with Microsoft

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The DoJ is using the incident where MS offered to buy or JV with Netscape
and Netscape rejected MS's proposal. Subsequently MS was alledged to attempt
to put Netscape out of business by coercing OEMs to ship only IE and not
Netscape. I am not certain about the exact business tactics used and I
certainly don't know if any of them were illegal.

However, IMO:
Even with all its faults, MS has done more good than bad for the computing
No one has any problem running whatever browser they want on their computer.
Any DoJ action will hurt computer users (i.e., the taxpayers). The
integration MS is trying to achieve is a feature I like very much.
The DoJ, IMO, is being hypocritical attacking the power of MS. The DoJ is
itself flexing its muscles, much like Waco and Ruby Ridge. The public may
soon become even more cynical of the Federal Government than it already is.
If Netscape, Sun Microsystems, et. al. can provide better OSs and software I
say "Bring it on. Let the customer base decide what is best and don't go
crying to your mommie (i.e., DoJ)". How long have we been hearing about
JavaOS? Why did Corel yank their Java based Office Suite?

With regards to being "boxed into a corner", you still have a lot of
choices. There are several browsers available, several office suites
available, I think there still is a Mac OS and I believe there is one guy
out in Arizona still using DOS (whatever that is).

We don't need the Feds to protect us from ourselves. The consumers should
decide what they want on their computer. In the end, we will be the victims
of any DoJ action.

With regards to your notion that buying companies is immoral: what drugs are
you on, Bill? It happens all the time. If you feel that way and own any
stock in any company, you better sell it because that company (any company)
has either bought, sold, merged or acquired another company. Get real.

Bill Allen

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Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:

> There is nothing immoral or illegal about buying companies. It happens
> everyday.

Illegal, perhaps not.  But immoral, yes it is.

But beyond that:  We as users of services and products need to signify that
don't like being boxed into a corner, where only one provider is available
even TWO, for that matter).  I have always been surprised that business
have put up with this.

> And no, this is NOT the reason the DoJ has MS in court.

Yes it is.  No, not this incident, but the anti-competitive tactics that MS
has always used, is the "excuse" that DoJ has used to justify punishing MS
(for not contributing enough money to the Democratic Party--MS has only
lobbyists in Washington, far, far fewer than any company its size).