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I use a digital (PCS) Nokia 6120, with service from Southwestern Bell
(SBC).  It costs $45/month for 250 anytime minutes per month.  It uses
TDMA, covering virtually all digital and analog networks, whichever is
available.  Free services include personal voice mail, caller ID, call
waiting, missed call notification, and conference calling.  You can also
get limited email services (text messages) for an extra $10/month.  The
phone has an auto-dialer with 199 numbers, an alarm clock, calendar,
calculator, currency converter, six languages, four video games, and
many other "bells and whistles".  One battery charge lasts 3.25 hours of
talking or 8 days of standby.  The phone is just 5 inches long and
weighs only 4.8 oz.  It fits easily in my pocket, or clips to my belt
like a pager.  The only downside is that I need my reading glasses to
reliably see the display!

Hope this helps,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Well-Connected in Dallas

I'm looking into buying CELLULAR phone ,there are almost four companies
provide services and different types of phones in Los Angeles /orange
county area anyone has good experience it will be nice to let me know
which phone and which company 

1- pacific bell
2- LA cellular
4- sprint

and what kind  of  phone , I heard digital is better what brand ? every
company use deferent one

thanks in advance

D.A. P.E