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Re: The Problem with Microsoft

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Bill Allen wrote:

".... I believe there is one guy out in Arizona still using DOS (whatever that

There are still with us, and being used every day, engineering or non-
engineering programs written on DOS platform which cannot be re-written or
translated into non-DOS environment language, and if they can, they are much
slower, less user friendly, and they require more time-consuming manipulations
on part of the user to get final results so they compare favorably to DOS

It seems that Bill Allen was still in dipers when only DOS was around .. and
if he took care of this part by himself, he forgets that new operating systems
in existance today or under development are, in many respects, still based on
DOS. Just talk to software developers. So, in a sense, DOS is GOD. Other
"OS"'s are minor deities fighting among each other for the best position in
the court of heavens.  

I like this "one guy out in Arizona still using DOS" because he knows better
than anyone else how life developed on our planet. History is useful when you
want to track things down. 

Bill, have a good day ....