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For what it's worth, between my fiance and I, we have had phones w/ 3
different carriers in the past 2 years.  Southern Bell is great in the
Atlanta area (I assume other regional Bells are equivalent) but there
are a number of areas where coverage is spotty, and roaming charges are
high.  Powertel (only covers the southeast) has no roaming charges and
their coverage stinks.  AT&T has what appears great.  If there is a
retailer in your area, I highly recommend going with them and their
"One-Rate" plan.  You pay a flat fee for airtime (600 minutes for $90/mo
up to 1400 minutes for $130/mo) and there are no roaming charges
anywhere, AND long distance is included.  Their phones will obviously
work nationwide, but I don't know if they market it in California.

Their system works with several TDMA phones including Nokia's 6200
series (the very small phones w/ huge battery life).


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> Yeah, they sound like a neat system, but I think they are not really
> geared toward the individual consumer market.
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> 	Actually, Nextel has several benefits if you need their
> offering. Paying
> 	money for a phone with these "extra" features may not sit well
> with
> 	non-corporate types however.