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RE: element-story shear ratio at UBC 1997

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1.  Calculate ratio of shear carried by highest-loaded element to total
story shear, for each story in the lowest 2/3 of the structure height, and
take the maximum.  Yeah, it looks tedious to me too.

2.  Not exactly but close - see Section 1661.2.6

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	Subject:	element-story shear ratio at UBC 1997

	Dear friends:
	I got some questions about UBC 1997 proceedings:
	- how to obtain r max factor (maximum element-story shear ratio)
appearing on UBC Code, Chapter 16, Division IV, Section 1630.1.1e ?
	- Does the special seismic load combinations from Section 1612.4
apply to seismic isolated concrete structures design (appendix chapter 16) ?
	Leopoldo Sanz Bocarnda