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RE: The Problem with Microsoft

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I don't get it.

Do none of you people ever think of the implications of things?

Do you only see issues like these when they DIRECTLY tie into EXACTLY what you are doing at any given moment?  If so, I'm amazed that Tom Peters ever broke out of the box.

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Subject:	RE: The Problem with Microsoft

Can we get back to engineering issues and how computers affect our 
practices rather than the politics of web browsers?

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland, CA

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Subject:	RE: The Problem with Microsoft

Isn't the basis of the lawsuit that Microsoft sells its OS with a web
browser making it unnecessary to buy a competitor's browser?  I never
understood what the problem was with that.  It seemed to me that it
paralleled an auto manufacturer selling cars with air-conditioning or a
stereo system or a hitch, that would make it unnecessary to buy an
aftermarket unit...

[Bill Polhemus]

Suppose that you heard General Motors (which provides stereo systems in 
their automobiles) had tried to buy out all the other major manufacturers 
of car stereo systems?

And suppose further, that you learned that GM had decided to put any of 
those other manufacturers who declined to be bought out, out of business by 
requiring that anyone else doing business with GM NOT do any sales or 
installations of competitors' products?

That's a more correct analogy.

Again, the disclaimer:

I don't think the Feds should be involved in this.  I think the idea that 
the DoJ has to be the "cop" for every instance of what it terms 
"anti-competitive practice" is dangerous.

After all, although the Federal Government would like you to believe that 
its job is to "protect" the citizenry, the idea of LIMITED government upon 
which our constitutional republic is based, was instituted to protect the 
citizens FROM the government.

We have a choice whether or not to buy MS, or GM, or anyone else.

We don't have a choice of which government to live under, if we allow them 
free reign over all areas of society.