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RE: Mistreatment of Seismology Issues

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First of all, I put a "smiley face" at the end of my post. It was a joke.
Lighten up.

Second, I take structural engineering in high seismic zones VERY seriously.
Unfortunately, neither the CA B&P Code nor BORPELS does (as much as they
should, IMO).

Third, the "quote" in the original post was unsigned. I don't know what
his/her qualifications were to make that statement (other than "30 years
...etc."). The remarks certainly don't sound like "mainstream" thinking with
regards to the Code writers I've read and it certainly is contrary to most
of the publications I have read regarding the trend of seismic safety in
Zone 4.

Fourth, with regards to "immature" and "playing God", if you want a flame
war, let's go. But, please, let's take it off line (i.e., "outside"). Please
stick to facts, opinions, etc. w/o name calling. I can do that as well as
anyone, if that's what you want.

Bill Allen

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You exhibit unusually immature nonchalance about issues that might be "life
death problems" for thousands of Californians. You should think about
playing God for a while.