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Re: Mistreatment of Seismology Issues

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At 01:36 PM 10/21/98 EDT, Karen-the-anonymous wrote:
>You exhibit unusually immature nonchalance about issues that might be "life or
>death problems" for thousands of Californians. You should think about stopping
>playing God for a while. 

I'm confused..... Bill Allen, who mostly plays Bill Allen, wrote in response
to Yank2002-the-anonymous, who expressed his misgivings about seismic risks
and hazards and admitted to expecting to be persecuted over that ("I realize
that "structural engineering officialdom" would want to shoot me in the
back") and reassured us that he didn't indulge in pot, hallucinatory drugs,
or alcohol.

To this, Bill ventured,
>Maybe that's your problem :o).<

What I want to know is which "life or death problems" are the ones Bill is
displeasingly nonchalant about. 

Is it getting shot in the back? Or being fearful of same?
Is it Pot? Or hallucinatory drugs? Or drinking alcohol?
Is it inexact knowledge of seismic risk?
Or is it everyone's inability to find a direct and tidy relationship between
Richter magnitude and seismic risk in building construction at a particular

Somebody, please.... tell me. 

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE   Sacramento CA