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RE: RE: RE: Mailing list invitation

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In a previous message you wrote: "The SEAOC procedures require reporting
results at the YLS and SLS as well as testing an 8 x 8 wall.  All of
Serrette's cyclic work was done on 4 x 8 walls.  Since this was the basis
for the code change to include racking shear values for steel studs,  we had
to follow the same protocol."

I am in the process of reviewing the sample problem for SEAOC (a two story
hotel). Do you feel that there is an inherent problem in the testing that
was done by Serrette and applied to the '97 UBC that should be noted?
Are there any additional references that you feel a design engineer might
consider when designing shearwalls in cold-form steel that I might recommend
to Scott Stedmen who is the chair on the cold-form problem? In particular,
should a note be added to the problem that draws attention to the possible
use of "Clinched" connections or is this of a proprietary nature that should
be avoided in the general design problem?

Also, I know that you have not seen the problem, but it is based upon what
is currently in the '97 UBC. Do you think that there should be additional
references suggested that the design engineer would be prudent to

I would appreciate your comments. I intend to pass along the names of
individuals who I have sought help from on this matter. I know that Bob
Kazanjy generally likes to stay anonomous, so please let me know if you do
as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dennis Wish PE