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RE: AutoCAD Dimstyle (READ ONLY) -Reply

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The drawing I have in hand was generated via topographic survey
software. At the AutoCAD Command line when I type DIMSTYLE and then
type ST for status I find that DIMSTYLE is set as Standard_96_3 which is

I don't see an XREF notation at any point during the drawing upload

The net effect is that I cannot change any of the DIMVARS.

>>> "Bill Allen, S.E." <Bill(--nospam--at)> 10/21/98 02:26pm >>>
Is it "Read Only" because it belongs to a file you have X-Ref'd? If so, you
need to change the dimstyle in the X'Ref'd drawing.

Bill Allen

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Subject: AutoCAD Dimstyle (READ ONLY)

Is there any way to change a Read Only Dimstyle within AutoCAD R13?