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RE: The Problem with Microsoft

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I was talking about software companies that have a possible market of 1000
- 5000 copies total while requiring many man years of development as many
specialist structural software companies do. If this has to be spread over
10 or more completely different versions for different OS's and platforms
then the development costs per 200 or 300 copies for each version on each
platform are enormous.

Any company that can share its development costs over millions of sold
items is in a slightly different category.

Sometimes I think that some people on this list think that software
development takes no time and therefore all software should be free for the
benifit of their own companies. 

At 17:37 21/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Ah, yes.  So that's why it "costs so much" to buy spark plugs, or car
>After all, you have to develop "different versions" of each kind, right?
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>You have missed one further point. If developers of software have to develop
>different versions for 10 different operating systems on 10 different
>types then you will end up paying far more for your software and, also, it
>not provide extra functionality as quickly as too much time will be spent
>keeping up with all of the 100 different versions.
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