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RE: New Win 98 Questions

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I heard the otherside of this story. IBM bailed on Microsoft because it
resented paying royalties and license to an outside company. IBM likes to
absorb companies and have total ownership which they had once OS/2 was
Although this might be biased, Gates reported in his book that he earned
very little from IBM, essentially using IBM to establish his foothold.
therefore, when IBM decided to end their relationship with MS, it was not a
great loss of income to MS.


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Funnier still is the fact that MS decided early on to bail on IBM in the
development of OS/2. Gee I guess they wanted to get everyone on their
upgrade path by making it difficult for others to keep supporting legacy

Barry H. Welliver

Bill Polhemus wrote:

> Gee, this is SUCH a familiar spiel!  Where have I heard it before?
> Oh, yes, this was the VERY SAME FEATURE touted by OS/2 when I began using
it in 1993!
> Yet, I'll bet many of you thought this was an "exclusive feature" of
Windows NT.  Goes to illustrate: MS is HARDLY the innovator of technology
that people claim.  Most of the time, they simply borrow ideas from others,
then market them harder than anyone else.
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> Please also consider Windows NT 4.0.   It is much more stable than any of
> the Windows 9Xs.  And if one thread dies, your computer still works
> corruping the other datas in operation.  You can run many DOSs under NT
> 4.0.  You can have 80 rows of output in command mode (with vertical scroll
> bar!)