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Re: Mistreatment of Seismology Issues

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>I would seem that there are at least 5 parameters that would help in
>determining the damage that can be expected from an earthquake:
>1) Richter magnitude
>2) Duration
>3) Frequency content
>4) The characteristics of the structures being excited.
>5) Accelerations

<snip>Anyone care to add (or modify, or delete) from the above list?
>It might be informative (for me, at least!)
I audited the first few weeks of a graduate level soil dynamics class
recently at UCLA, and I would have to add to the list:
6) soil characteristics.  The '85 (?) Mexico City earthquake was far from
Mexico City, with relatively minor ground motions near Mexico City, yet the
soil of that region amplified the accelerations tremendously--the professor
referred to the effect as a bowl of jelly.

Additionally, I must concur that Richter Magnitude alone does not tell the
whole story by any means.  The Modified Mercali Index was mentioned as a
method of correlating earthquakes and damage, from
MMI 1 (Not felt except by a very few under especially favorable
circumstances) to MMI 12 (Damage total;  practically all works of
construction are damaged greatly or destroyed;  waves seen on ground
surface;  lines of sight and level are distorted;  objects thrown into the

K. Buzbee, EIT.