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Re: Gas Tight Seal

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How will the slab edge will be placed against the top of the wall?  How are
you defining gas tight, e.g., is there a difference in pressure across the
seal and how much leakage is acceptable?

If the differential pressure is significant and if the allowable leakage is
supposed to be small, it will be difficult to do this with only concrete.
I've had enough trouble with air tight seals on steel doors & airlocks with
rubber gaskets.

"Randy Russ" <rruss(--nospam--at)> on 10/21/98 10:02:28 PM

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Subject:  Gas Tight Seal

I am putting a concrete roof on an existing wastewater digester. I am using
a center column for the roof and am simply resting the slab edge on the top
of the esisting wall on a bearing pad.

I am concerned with gas escaping. Do I need to provide any type of gas
tight seal or is the weight of the 18 inch roof slab enough.Has anyone
encountered this situation?

Randy Russ, P.E.