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Re: The Problem with Microsoft

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Mr. Diez:
    Although you may not agree with American politics as you understand
them, and even if you do not respect certain office holders--at least have
the courtesy to respect the office and give credit to those who have
succeeded within the U.S. economic system.
    You may not be happy with Bill Gates' contributions to our world--on
the other hand, until this list server--very few had ever heard of, or been
affected--by you.

With all due respect, A. Kunf, CEM

Jose Diez wrote:

> Microsoft is a MONOPOLY and as such it shall be dissolved by The US
> Congress, unless most or some of them (the congressmen) are paid agents
> of Microdsoft... do not forget: This is just another Bannana Republic.
> Corrupt as the most!
> Jose Diez PE
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