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RE: The Problem with Microsoft

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I agree with this to a large extent.

However, it could be pointed out that Netscape's initial development was on the UNIX platform.  Remember they started out as Mosaic.

However, your point is very well taken re the opportunities that MS has provided for so many developers.  Also, whining seems to be the only real art-form of the Nineties, I'll grant you.

MS is only dangerous to the extent they attempt absolute market dominance in so many areas.  That is their corporate philosophy.  Of course, this is true for all businesses, I guess, but rarely does any one business entity hold the "high ground" to the extent MS does.

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Of course the thing that really bugs me about all this is to see the Netscape
billionaires, who have made their billions because Bill's "monopoly" have
created a consistent platform and a captive and hugely expanded PC market
within which they can sell their products, trot on up to Washington and
complain that life just isn't fair.  Life should be so unfair for us all.  I
fear The Culture of American Whining has reached a new level.

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