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RE: Steel section properties

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> Sent:	Thursday, October 22, 1998 11:59 AM
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> Subject:	Steel section properties
> Help!  Anyone with a steel manual prior to 5th edition . . . 
> I have a building circa 1940 (toilet tank) with a colum and beam that
> i can not locate section properties on. 
> Beam is 24inch deep, flange width approx 7.5-7.75 inches, thickness
> approx 0.5-0.75.  
> Column is 8 inch deep, 8.125 flange width, with about 1/4 to 5/16
> flange thickness. 
> I think column is 8x8 (31lb), beam is big question mark. 
> This beam does not fit the American standard nor WF profiles in a 5th
> edition AISC manual.  Does it fit anything from the 3rd or 4th edition
> closer?  Does the column fit anything else any better than my
> assumption?
> Thanks in advance 
> robert d. rollo, PE 
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	[Mike Ritter]  

	I looked in the AISC 3rd Edition, 3rd printing, 1939.  Looks
like the beam may be an American Standard shape (as opposed to WF,
Junior beam, etc.)  There is a 24x7 @ 100 plf which has a flange width
of 7.247", flange thickness of 7/8", and depth of 24.00".  There is also
a 24x7 7/8 @ 105.9 plf which has a flange width of 7.875", flange
thickness of 1 1/8", and a depth of 24.00".  I would probably opt for
the first one.

	As for the column, all the 8" x 8" WF sections appear to have a
thicker flange than what you measured.  I found a "light column" shape
which has a flange thickness of 7/16".

	I will fax the applicable pages to you at the number given in
your original e-mail.

	Hope that helped, 

	Mike Ritter, PE