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Re: Steel section properties

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I do not have an earlier edition of the steel manual but, I recommend using the book "Iron and Steel Beams 1873 to 1952" by AISC as a reference. It should contain what you are looking for. I will fax you a couple of pages of possible sections. To select the proper one, it would help if you know the manufacturer. The name can usually be found on the beam web (if it wasn't cut off during fabrication). Please keep in mind, that a beam in the field may never measure exactly what might be listed in a book due to the rolling tolerances.

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi

Robert Rollo wrote:


Help!  Anyone with a steel manual prior to 5th edition . . .

I have a building circa 1940 (toilet tank) with a colum and beam that i can not locate section properties on.

Beam is 24inch deep, flange width approx 7.5-7.75 inches, thickness approx 0.5-0.75.
Column is 8 inch deep, 8.125 flange width, with about 1/4 to 5/16 flange thickness.
I think column is 8x8 (31lb), beam is big question mark.

This beam does not fit the American standard nor WF profiles in a 5th edition AISC manual.  Does it fit anything from the 3rd or 4th edition closer?  Does the column fit anything else any better than my assumption?

Thanks in advance

robert d. rollo, PE
Corporate Associate
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