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Re: Example - was Wish List

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My post was about several features highlighted by Ron. I mentioned that they
are unique (they are not available in your program for example).

I indicated that STRAP can calculate unbraced length automatically. Actually
it will calculate both unbraced length and Cb automatically.

To explain it I would like to offer you a very simple (hypothetical)
You received the following simple design for your review - a single span 26'
long beam W21X50 (Fy=50 ksi). The beam is loaded with ONE! concentrated load
of 29.7 kips directed downward in the center of the span (disregard
selfweight). The top flange is laterally restrained at the point of the
load. The code is AISC (ASD). You need to check this design and either
approve or disapprove it.

I think that you agree it is a simple example. It is taken from a very well
known steel textbook (and the beam is OK).

If you decide to do it by hand, simply notice the time it will take you to
solve it correctly. If you are using your program, simply note the time it
will take you to do it and number of times you will have to run this example
to "make" it work. And as there is only one load on the beam, you can use
any program you want. (Using STRAP or STRAPIntro it can be done in about 5


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Date: Wednesday, October 21, 1998 8:35 AM
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Garrick Goldenberg wrote:

> The latest additions include composite design of simple and continuous
> members to several (US, CA and other) codes and steel joist design. For
> information you can visit our web site

I am interested in Bridge Design.

Y'all sent me a "demo version" of STRAP and STRAPBridge.  All well and good,
I don't do "dumb demos."  I need a working version of any program I'm going

I'm talking about a version that is "limited" so that it really can't be
for PRACTICAL work (too-small models) but which activates ALL the features
the design functions.  Give me that, and I'll be glad to evaluate it.

I've been looking for an excuse to dump the general analysis package that I
been using, and having one that is easy to use and integrates a decent
design module would be the right excuse.