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RE: RE: Foro en espaņol

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Except that this is a privately-owned list and not subject to the jurisdiction of the government.

Protections of "Free Speech" provided in the Constitution refer ONLY to goverment restrictions.  If you own a home, no one has the right to come into your home and "express themselves" in any way they desire without your approval, for example.

Don't know where you're from, but you know little about Constitutional law.  Of course, the same thing could be said for many Americans.

SEAOC can "censor" anyone on this list, if it wants.  They own it.

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Two important things:1. No Spanish, French etc. English only, please. 
Thank You.
2. Mr. Diez has been warned regarding his email. Please stop responding 
the thread "french-spoken mailing list". Thank You again.Shafat Qazi, 
Internet Admin

Este ya comenzo a amenazar con censurar a los q no hablen ingles 
solamente!  En el pais de la "verdadera libertad de expresion"! Este q 
debe haber venido del medio oriente posiblemente. 

Este pais q ni siquiera tiene un idioma oficial.  Bueno, parece q mis 
horas en la lista de SEAOC estan contadas. No es la primera vez q me 
censuran en EU y Canada y no sera la ultima.

Jose Diez PE

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