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RE: The Problem with Microsoft

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As I was about to say above, DOS is no longer the basis of Windows. The
destination will be a complete 32-bit OS in WinNT 5. DOS, will not be

[Bill Polhemus]  

This is what I'm talking about.

Here we are in 1998, talking about a product to be released by MS in 1999.  Yet IBM had OS/2 3.0, a "complete 32-bit OS", available for the mass market 5 years earlier!

Why did it not take off?  Was it "inferior" in any way to Windows?

Yes, it WAS inferior in the only way that seems to really matter:  It was not marketed very well.

This gets down to MS' real strength:  They can take technology that is late, underpowered, and not at all innovative, and convince you that this is what you MUST have.  They can even convince you that this is what you MUST WAIT FOR.

It isn't Bill Gates' fault that we are saddled with far less, far later, than we deserve.  It is ours, for being so susceptible to clever marketing.