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Tilt-up building

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I have a client that asked me a project of a tilt-up building. The structure is a spatial frame for a parking center, with four floors above the soil level, in a regular 8x8 mesh in plant, being the center lines of columns spaced by 24 ft.  The precast concrete beams will be sustained by small corbels arising from the columns at the floor levels. All the beams spans in the same direction. The beams are connected to the corbels by hinges that are materialized by anchor bolts left on the corbels in the process fabrication of the columns and the holes on the beams will be grouted in place. The slabs are also precasted elements and are supported on the flange beams. The connection between the slabs and the flange beams will be achieved with constructive rebars and cast in place concrete. I tried to describe my problem with a few words for brevity and clarity.
Well, my questions is: because I'm concerned with the lateral strength of the structure, what are the constructive dispositions and/or structural methods I must introduce on my model to achieve better resistance to seismic and wind loads?
I will be very grateful with any suggestion and apologize for exhausting yours infinite patience...
Jorge Ramos, CE