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RE: RE: Foro en español

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Mr. Diez;
I don't get it. You certainly appear to be a bright person fluent in both
English and Spanish. You have made several quality posts related to
structural engineering issues.

You should certainly realize your presence here on the SEAOC list service
would be much more appreciated if you would:
1. post in English. I realize there is a very large group of engineers whose
primary language is Spanish. Maybe you should start a Spanish based
structural engineering newsgroup or list service yourself. This would be an
entirely positive effort on your part.
2. stick to structural engineering issues (the business, art and science of
structural engineering). On every list service I have participated on,
derrogatory remarks and other "flames" are not received well at all.
3. refrain from some of your "off the wall" comments about the U.S.
government. I don't know if you are envious or angry at the U.S. for some
reason, but it doesn't matter.

Please, use all of your talent, skills and wisdom in a positive way.

Bill Allen

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It is true that I do not know much of Constitutional law. I am not a

Censorship has never scared me. I have become used to it in some forms.
It is true that I am not a financial contributor to the list.

I have not even been in California and do not plan to be in the near
future. Much less practice there.

I realize there is a common bond among the people of the Pacific Rim.
Regardless of their language or cultural background. I admire that.
Perhaps the earthquakes have played a role in it. I wish it were the
same for tha Atlantic side of the world.

Jose Diez PE

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