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please read this.

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dear Engineers,
                 lets please not complain and squabble over language issues. WE
are all STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS or atleast wannabe s like me. You would all agree
that this is an elite technical forum to discuss technical issues.
                It is understandable that some of us are peeved at the fact that
not all the mails are in english. Take a moment and see , What good is a
mail if it is not read by the max number of poeple.
                It is not to offend anybody,but apart from everything else,we 
should have some tolerence.Wont u all agree that there is a tolerence on
every measurement we make.
                             thanks for reading this,
                                                      thanks again.
                              ANAND KATHULA
                             Email: anand(--nospam--at)
                                          2330, N OLIVER ST
                                          APT 204, TALL OAKS
                                          Kansas 67220