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RE: RE: Foro en español

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At 05:31 PM 24/10/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>Mr. Diez;
>I don't get it. You certainly appear to be a bright person fluent in both
>English and Spanish. You have made several quality posts related to
>structural engineering issues.
>You should certainly realize your presence here on the SEAOC list service
>would be much more appreciated if you would:
>1. post in English. I realize there is a very large group of engineers whose
>primary language is Spanish. Maybe you should start a Spanish based
>structural engineering newsgroup or list service yourself. This would be an
>entirely positive effort on your part.
>2. stick to structural engineering issues (the business, art and science of
>structural engineering). On every list service I have participated on,
>derrogatory remarks and other "flames" are not received well at all.
>3. refrain from some of your "off the wall" comments about the U.S.
>government. I don't know if you are envious or angry at the U.S. for some
>reason, but it doesn't matter.
>Please, use all of your talent, skills and wisdom in a positive way.
>Bill Allen
Mr. Allen, As a Spanish speaking structural engineer I agree 100 % with
your opinion .

Adolfo Galvez MSc. SE.
Lima, Peru.