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RE: Deep Masonry Beams

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Deflection may be the limiting factor.  Normally I would limit it to L/600,
but the amount the storefront can accommodate will probably limit it to even
less.  I would also follow deep beam procedure.  PCA put out a pamphlet long
ago for flexural stresses, resultant tension, and shear stress.

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	Subject:	Deep Masonry Beams

	Does anyone have any experience in using a masonry lintel to span
	over a window?  We have a client who is building a convience store
	wants a 31' foot opening in the masonry wall (split face load
baering CMU 
	8" or 12").  We have approximately 6 feet above the opening to joist

	bearing.  Is there any problems with a 6 foot deep masonry beam?  I
	in concrete there are special checks for deep beams for both shear
	flexure but the ACI 530 code does not address this that I have
	Any concerns or pitfalls?  We are planning on a control joint near
	end of the opening.


	Mike Zaitz