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At 07:29 ã 24/10/98 IST, you wrote:
>Hi Every body
>I'm trying to design  20meter span frame, which will carry a tower above 
>it consist of 12 floor, the depth of the girder to be 3.5 meter, column 
>dim. are 1.5X1.5 meter.
>1. What should i take care of rather than the usual design criteria?
>2. is some one knows about good references dealing with this subject?

I think you should take care of earthquake load, because your structure is
not regular so you should analyse it against earthquakes using time history
analysis (equivilant static load and response spectrum analysis can not be
You need a design earthquake to excite the structure. An expert can
simulate such earthquake according to the seismology of the place, where
the structure will be built, and the dynamic characteristics of the structure.
This will cost too much.
In general you should be careful of seismic loads and hence the ductility
of the structure.

Structural Engineer