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RE: Lateral Pressure

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I'm not sure if the statement below is accurate.  I do know that the
statement is inaccurate for lightweight concrete.

When lightweight concrete is poured, it is heavier than when cured.  I
think the reason for this is that some of the water will evaporate and
therefore become less dense.  Hopefully somebody can verify this

I do know that when I specify 112 pcf light weight concrete, that the
actual wet weight is approximately 120 pcf.  By the time the concrete
has cured for 28 days, the weight is down to 112 pcf (depending on
temperature and other factors).

The light weight aggregate plays some part in all this.

Can somebody verify the above one way or another?  It wouldn't be the
first time I've been wrong.

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Jim - 

	I've always simply used 150 pcf approximation for reinforced 
concrete when calc'ing lateral pressure for formwork etc.  Seems like it

shouldn't ever be more dense than when cured.  


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