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RE: Lateral Pressure

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I have an old APA (American Plywood Assoc.) design/construction guide on
"Concrete Forming" (1990) which has a chart that I have used in determining
pour rates for vertical walls.  

The chart shows lateral pressure (y axis) vs. pour rate, in hours per ft.,
(x axis) for varying temperatures 30 to 100 degrees F.

You are right about the relationship of the stiffness of the mix to lateral
pressure.  The footnote states that other factors to consider are the type
of cement, admixtures, and "normal" ?? vibration to a depth of 4 feet or

Hal Riddle, P.E.
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> Sent:	Tuesday, October 27, 1998 5:26 PM
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> Subject:	Lateral Pressure
> Does anyone have any information on the lateral pressure produced by wet
> concrete?  I assume it must vary depending on how wet it is (ie a slurry
> would produce a larger lateral force than a stiff mix).
> Jim Kestner, P.E.
> Green Bay, Wi.