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Bill Allen -

I , as an old timer , enjoyed your BRIEF response to Josie !

When I started my full time private practice in May of '64 my very first
employee was a Structural Draftsman [ now being known as a ' Drafter ' ] .
After I hired my two Structural Engineers, shortly thereafter , as I suspected
, the employee that 'Made' more profit for my small firm was the draftsman.
He had , by then , had  15 years of experience.  {{ His artistic and
professional work is still recognizable in  this small South Bay area }} !

Did he have BRAINS ?  You better believe it.  He knew that when the SE's
handed him Detail Drawings to draft [ after their labourious calcs ] whether
and/or not they were Good ! !     This is why , now that I am into the 90's,
that I abhor AUTO CAD , etc. , etc. , etc.  !!   ( NO Style )   { as well as
some of the Structural Software at which I have looked , in this short time
period } .


               RLK       [ and, I did not spell the misnomer in the above