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Re: Wood Framing - Upgrade or Not

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A few years back San Francisco started enforcing a policy where it was not
allowed to make seismic improvements unless a complete story upgrade was
provided from that floor to grade, even if voluntary. I beleive this
eventually ended up in the D.A.'s office. (Bob Bossi is most familiar with
this.)  In any event, the work around was that the words "shearwall or
seismic" could never be used on the plans and as Bruce pointed out plywood
was added....not shearwalls.

Jeff Smith

>We addressed the issue by showing the added plywood on the plans,
>by a large note that read something like, "The added plywood shown on these
>plans is being voluntarily added at the owner's request and is not intended
>comply with current Building Code requirements."  This let the City know
>they did not need to plan check the plywood, and also made it clear that
>upgrade was voluntary and not necessarily code-complying.  It was a
>approach for us to get around the problem and still help the building.
>Bruce Resnick, SE
>Parker Resnick Str. Eng.