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Re: Wood Fr-Upgr or Not/New Owner

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In a message dated 10/27/98 10:51:42 PM, base.engr(--nospam--at) writes:
>What happens if you come to an understanding w/ the current owners about
>existing weaknesses and they sell the house? Are they now required to
"disclose" the weaknesses during the sale (negatively
>impacting their sales price)?
Yes.  (They are required to disclose any information they have regarding
weaknesses in their house.  But who can prove they did or didn't disclose
everything they knew--they can always plead ignorance of technical "details.")

Funny how people want to have their (free) cake and eat it too.  "No, I don't
want to improve my house, but I sure don't want my future selling price to
suffer either."  

It doesn't work that way!  Perhaps we can help them realize that if they make
their house safer it will be worth more (in a very general sense) and if they
don't it won't. 

Hopefully, we're getting beyond the era when any money put into the structure
of a house is money down the drain.  When I inspect a home for a potential
buyer I try to explain in some detail the advantages and disadvantages of the
structure, including its weaknesses and strengths regarding The Big One and
what it might take to correct the most egregious deficiencies (no anchor
bolts, weak cripple walls, towering chimneys, etc.). 

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA