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RE: Oversized holes in sill plates

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one work-around that is used on the new Simpson Strong-wall and Hardy Frames
which provide slotted holes for last minute adjustment: Use a 2" Square
plate washer like the Simpson BP's. You can drill the corners to allow for a
small #6 or #8 wood screw (4 ea.). Screw the plate washers in place after
the wall is adjusted or set. This should remedy the movement of the plate
due to the oversized holes.
Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: Wd: Oversized holes in sill plates

Does anyone have any data for allowable loads in sill plates that have
been drilled larger than 1/16th inch over the diameter?  We're
investigating an existing building, and the proposed fix is to add epoxy
in the bolt-holes.  As this can be an expensive prospect, I'm curious if
there are some reduced values for different sizes of overdrilling.  Any
help/opinions would be appreciated.
Also, does anyone have any opinions on the epoxy fix?  Do holes that are
only a bit overdrilled pose a problem for getting the epoxy to fill the
hole to the bottom?
Mike Livingston, S.E.