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Re: Structural Softwares

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Dear Mr. Srivalsan:

Thank you for mentioning STRAP in your reference. It appears to me that you
think of STRAP (STRuctural Analysis Programs) as a fairly new product. It is
true that it has been available in the US for about 5 years. However, STRAP
was first developed in the early 80s and since the mid-80s has been
available world-wide, starting in UK and Ireland and since then in many
other countries from South America to South Africa, China and Japan. It
includes the latest US (AISC ASD & LRFD, AASHTO ASD & LRFD, AISI ASD &
LRFD), Canadian, Euro- and British codes.

See for more information.

I agree with you that only time will tell and it is happening right now. In
the August issue of Modern Steel Construction Magazine, STRAP received the
top award in the Structural Engineering Software category where it was
competing with the programs you listed in your post. The two features that
were sited in the MSC decision were Composite Design of Continuous Members
to the above listed codes and Sway, Drift, Cost and Deflection Optimization.
As I am sure you are aware,  these two features are not available in the
packages you listed. As a matter of fact, the second feature is not
available anywhere else (IMO). See detailed specs at


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Date: Wednesday, October 28, 1998 3:22 AM
Subject: Structural Softwares

     Hope this would give a brief information about the features and the
     recommended usage of different structural analysis programs mostly
     used by different organisations world-wide.

     Cheaper in cost compared to Staad3.
     It can carry out basic static and dynamic analysis
     Ability to model tension/compression only spring elements
     Operating platforms - DOS,WIN3.1,WIN95/NT
     DXF interface
     Speed of solution is fast, model and load input is very easy
     Maximum size of problem it can solve is limited to 9900 nodes and 9900
     members/elements in version 3.0

     More costly than RISA3D.
     Capable to include both static and dynamic analysis
     Most widely used program in industry.
     Frameworks Interface
     Speed of solution is slower compared to SAP2000
     Model input and load input is not as easy as RISA3D.
     No limit in node and member size
     Operating Platforms for ver 22.3 - DOS,WIN 3.1,95 & NT

     Relatively costlier than STAADIII.
     Considered to be the best high end analysis program.
     Handle static,dynamic analysis,advanced dynamic (time history).
     Modelling using tension/compression only spring elements possible
     Interface to DXF
     Codes - US,Europe,British,Canada
     Model and load input can be compared in easiness with STAAD3
     Speed of the solution is the fastest
     No limit in node and member size
     Operating platform for ver6.10 - Windows 95/NT

     Costliest when compared to the above 4 programs.
     Handle static,dynamic analysis,advanced dynamic (time history)
     Interface to DXF and Frameworks
     Codes - US,British,
     Model and load input is not easy
     Speed of the solution is faster than STAAD3
     No limit in node and member size
     Operating platform for ver 9701 - Windows 95/NT and DOS.

     There are many other softwares like STRAP,AVANSSE PLUS. But these
     programs are not used in large scale and hence it is only time which
     will tell us the possibility of extensive  and end use of these
     softwares depending on the application and the support offered.

     Regards to all