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Re: Wd: Oversized holes in sill plates

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I have used a product primarily used in the boat building industry called
West Epoxy System / with micro balloon filler material. The material is
used to epoxy threaded rods in balsa core, cledusel and plywood to increase
the bearing capacity against the substrate.

You need to be familiar with the product (ie read the instructions) and
make sure the applicator is ICBO certified with the use of epoxy materials.
Special inspection is required.

They have done testing on the following subjects:
Compression strength perpendicular to grain D.F.
Cross Grain tangential tests of Douglas Fir
Finger joint testing
Turbine blade testing using D.F,

They have a really neat article on the use of there system on the repair of
the Wingspread House yet
another Frank LLoyd Wright "structural masterpiece" that required extensive

Gougeon Brothers INC
Bay City MI

At 02:09 PM 10/28/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any data for allowable loads in sill plates that have
>been drilled larger than 1/16th inch over the diameter?  We're
>investigating an existing building, and the proposed fix is to add epoxy
>in the bolt-holes.  As this can be an expensive prospect, I'm curious if
>there are some reduced values for different sizes of overdrilling.  Any
>help/opinions would be appreciated.
>Also, does anyone have any opinions on the epoxy fix?  Do holes that are
>only a bit overdrilled pose a problem for getting the epoxy to fill the
>hole to the bottom?
>Mike Livingston, S.E.