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Re: RE: Question regarding Railroad Bridge Design

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Try contacting Mr. Naresh Patel, P.E., Right-of Way Engineer, of Metrolink
(Southern California Regional Rail Authority).  He was our coordination contact
for many of our bridge retrofit project, for both the design phase and
construction phase.  Part of his work involves interacting with BNSF, UPRR,
Amtrak, METROLINK, SPR, etc.  

Mr. Naresh Patel, P.E.
700 S. Flower St., 26th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 86425
                           Los Angele, CA 90086-0425

Phone: 213\452-0256
Fax: 213\452-0423

Hope this helps,
ed gonzalez

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Do you have any contact information?


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Yes, the major rail carriers (UPRR and BNSF) will review design and
construction of any bridge before they will operate on the track.
Therefore, it is best to get them involved early so that there will not be
problems at the end.  They typically assign an engineer from the bridge
section to provide review and feedback during design and construction.  They
will also provide a final inspection before they operate on the tracks.