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RE: BUSINESS: Filing Systems (for paper)

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I'm not sure what you need, but Visioneer's Paperport Deluxe is a software
that is meant to manage scanned documents. I found it to be more useful than
just for scanning and, in fact, keep it on my laptop.
The software creates a special printer driver. Instead of printing to an LPT
printer (line printer) all printing will go to the Paperport desktop in a
proprietary format. The papers can be stacked, collated in any order you
want. You can also add annotations to the documents such as notes, colors
(highlights), lines and simple sketches.
The documents are then stored in folders - much like a DOS directory tree
although the folders can be color coordinated.
When  you are ready to process the documents, you simply drag the stack over
to your system printer, fax printer or any number of other programs that
Paperport can convert to. I have taken photographs that were taken on a
digital camera and brought them into a photo inhancing program (like
Enroute) where I can stitch them together to form a panoramic view and then
send them back to paperport for storage.
When finished, Paperport will compress the folders and automatically store
them on the media of your choice - the default other than a hard drive is a
local zip drive.

The downside is that you can not recognize the files without Paperport. You
can download and use a free viewer, but if you were to search a directory or
folder for a specific file, it would be listed under a proprietary name
format starting with a Tilde (~) symbol.

Overall, this is one of the best programs I have used to organize anything
from analysis to Autocad drawings (as they would look plotted out).

There are other programs on the market that do the same thing, but Visioneer
Paperport has consistently been rated the best of the bunch. The difficult
decision is purchasing a software that you would think should be used with a
scanner but has many more functions and is worth the purchase even if you
don't own the scanner.

Lastly, many scanners come with a reduced version of Paperport. Another
product from Visioneer is OCR100 which is one of the easiest and most
accurate OCR softwares that will translate scanned documents into a document
file. I found it to be much easier and equally as effective as Xerox's
product or any of the other top OCR softwares. At $49.00, you can't beat the
price. There is special pricing if you purchase the Visioneer suite of
It's carried by most software supermarkets such as CompUSA. You can also
visit their site at

Dennis Wish PE

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Is anyone out there aware of any ready-to-wear systems that have been
published for managing files for an engineering consultancy?