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Try to reinstall the software and then check the print setup.
The other choice I prefer is to open the *.anl file into Word , repaginate
to the lower number of pages and save it as a *.doc file. It looks better.

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Fecha: Jueves 29 de Octubre de 1998 05:56 PM

>Our office is having a problem with STAAD III.  We are using release
>22.3WM, it has worked fine up until today.  When we try to print the
>output file all we are getting is blank pages.  The program still runs
>the analysis fine, we are able to view the output file from within
>STAAD.  But when we go to print, the only thing are getting is the
>'Draw joint members' line that shows the frame.
>Any and all help would be much appreciated.  All the engineers at R.E.
>were out to lunch when I called and I didn't want to wait until they
>Thanks in advance
>Kolby J. Orcher P.E.
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