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Re: Blast Resistant Structure Design Reference

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The TM 5-1300 manual was revised in 1990 which is not that old.  Another
useful military manual that covers blast resistant design of cubicles but,
is not as voluminous as the TM 5-1300 manual is: Naval Facilities
Engineering Command, BLAST RESISTANT STRUCTURES, Design Manual 2.08, 1986.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say the liquid hydrogen tank will need
to be shieled.  Are you trying to protect the tank from being hit by
fragments from the test cells or, are you trying to protect nearby
facilities from the blast loads (pressures) generated by a postulated
explosion of the hydrogen storage tank?  

You can get some help on predicting fragment loads from DOE/TIC-1128 'A
July 1992.

If the shield wall is to be designed to contain the blast load from a tank
explosion, coming up with the configuration (standoff and height) you need
to keep 'leakage' pressures within tolerable limits can be a little tricky.
 You can get some guidance from TM 5-853-3 or you might try contacting Dr.
Keith Clutter at clutter(--nospam--at)

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At 08:14 AM 10/28/1998 -0800, you wrote:
>I need to design some concrete test cells that have design criteria the
>detonation of 200 - 300 lbs of hydrogen within them.  The test cells can be
>open on one side or entirely enclosed.  I also have a liquid hydrogen tank
>(16' dia.) that will need to be shielded to protect surrounding facilities. 
>Any recommendations for design references.  Anyone work with TM 5-1300
>"Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions"?  It's a little
>old but the military used to be my best source for this type of analysis.
>Any  words of wisdom is appreciated.
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>Jacobs Engineering Group
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