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Re: Premanufactured wood trusses without

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>1.  I questioned the rectangular web area left for a "storage room".   I was
>told the truss was modeled on a computer and therefor was ok.
This situation has two really scary parts: 
1. That your vendor put into the position of having to ask the question.
2. That your vendor though 'modelled on a computer' was the answer.

I think if I had someone design a truss for me, part of the assignment 
would be to supply verification that I could check to make sure the job 
was done properly. If the someone were a junior engineer and he told me 
'I don't need verification, I use a computer,' we'd probably have a 
little attitude adjustment chat. If the someone were a vendor, I'd have 
the requirement written on the purchase order and not accept the trusses 
until the verification was in hand.

>I was not the EOR, but the contractor asked me to look 
>into the roof for him, he felt uncomfortable with it.
Good for him. Interesting to note that the first people who expressed an 
opinion on the Kansas City Hyatt Skywalk suspension were workers who said 
the walkways felt too soft (bouncy soft, not cushion soft). Someone, 
probably an engineer, if they didn't like the skyways they should take 
another shortcut. The lesson is to listen to the people who do the work.

>4.  In talking with the lumber yard people, I realized, they know very little
>about the actual working of the program.  I also question some of the logic
>used in formulating the computer code itself, such as:
>    a)   does the program immediately just calculate joints loads and apply
>them at the joint
>   b)  what combinations of loads are being checked
>   c)  those joints at midspan of the bottom chord; in between diagonals; I
>see them all the time and do not know whether the program treated them as
>hinged or fixed.
The free body diagram and the member load output will tell you all this.