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RE: BUSINESS: Filing (scanning) Systems (for paper)

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You have a point, however, Visioneer has more than one product and has held
the top position in the Scanner market (including their two or three most
popular scanners) since scanners became popular.
>From a longevity stand point, Visioneer is more likely to survive than most
of the competition since they have the luxury of being the industry leader
in this product. On the other hand, you can always use the same product for
many years without the worry of upgrade.

There is no product, that I can think of, that is free from the possiblity
of extinction. The only way to insure longevity in this respect is to stay
with the typical DOS file format or maintain a paper trail. All scanner
products use a proprietary standard. You can take graphics and convert them
to a universal standard such as JPG, TIFF, BMP etc, but you lose the
simplicity that these filing system programs bring to the user.

Even PDF format is not guaranteed to survive although I would love to
convert everything I own to Adobe Acrobat format.

Until the industry agrees upon a universal format, I think we will be stuck
with proprietary formats for quite some time.


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Dennis S. Wish PE ,

Visioneer's Paperport Deluxe sounds interesting but I would be concerned
the longevity of a proprietary product - will they be around in the future
(Windows 2008) so that you can still access your stored files.  We have
fax machine w/ scanner that can sote documents to a file format called .uni
think this is proprietary as well) its viewer is great and I would like to
some of our files and put them on CD rom but am afraid that down the line if
viewer isn't updated we wont be able to access the files - Any thoughts
would be

Steven Baldridge, P.E., S.E.