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RE: Wood Fr-Upgr : What I'll do and two more questions

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You asked, in connection with the sale of a house in California,
>        "What are the
>limitations of disclosure?"

This is not a question that can be answered by engineers from references
they ordinarily use. It is most likely a question of real estate law. 

You might inquire first of a real estate broker and follow the trail from
there to your nearest public law library and consult the relevant entries in
Cal Jur 3rd, an encyclopedia that summarizes statutes and appellate
decisions on subjects like this. For more depth, see the annotated state
statutes and look up the unabridged appellate decisions in the official
Appellate Reports. There may be Attorney General Opinions as well. The
Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) volumes are detailed yet concise
references published for attorney use. Undoubtedly your question is dealt
with thoroughly in the CEB.

Besides going to the law library and reserching at no cost, there are legal
reference and research services on-line that law offices use. These are
expensive but expedient. You can get the bare state statutes on-line for
free, but the digests and commentaries are where some sense is made of it to
a layperson. 

All that gets you the basic flavor of the answer. If you are going to get
yourself into something adventurous, there are professionals in business who
consult and advise on such questions. They are called lawyers.

The above reply is a generic one that applies to any legal question that may
arise, in our professional lives or otherwise. 

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE    Sacramento CA