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Re: seaint Digest for 29 Oct 1998

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We don't acknowledge ASTM A36 in our steel design standards.
The steel would have been CSA G40.21, maybe 44W (weldable, Fy=44 ksi).
Yes, Canadian mills produce some sections not typically available in the
U.S., however, they generally follow ASTM A6.

Check S15x42.9, S18x54.7 in AISC.

Note that any steel design under the jurisdiction of a building
authority in Ontario must typically meet CAN/CSA-S16.1-94 Limit States
Design of Steel Structures. WSD (ASD) is specifically excluded and AISC
LRFD does not necessarily qualify as there are some significant
variations between analysis and materials. You may want to investigate
this (e.g. All new structural grade steel purchased in Canada is G40.21M
350 MPa by default).

> I am working on a project that involves a chemical plant in West Hill,
> Ontario. In a 1975 report, the engineer says the structural steel  used has a
> yield of 44,000 psi. Is there a grade of steel used there with this minimum
> specified yield, or I am wondering if it is A36 and he is giving the tested
> yield? 
> There is also a beam identified as 15 x 5-1/2 I 42.9 and one that is
> 18 I @ 54.7 with section modulus stated as 89.3. I don't see anything exactly
> like that in the AISC. Are these Canadian sizes ? 
> Thanks,
> Jim Fulton