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RE: seaint Digest for 29 Oct 1998

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Is MultiFrame re-written from the ground up or converted to Windows Format.
Specifically, does it conform to some of the Windows specialties like
context sensitive mouse menues or Object Linking and Embedding?
Are there any problems (not bugs, but non-conformance to Windows structure)
that anyone has found with Multi-frame.
Please don't misunderstand my request. Some programs, like MathCad, and
Adobe products, were converted from an Apple format to a Windows platform.
In the first evolution (or so) to Windows, the program was converted rather
than rewritten to the platform and the Windows user found that the program
was not as intuitive as other Windows programs. In later evolutions, each of
these programs were rewritten to be Windows friendly (compliant).
Please respond based upon this definition.


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Multi-Frame was originally Mac but they have recently introduced a
Windows version. The Manuals are combined so they are very closely
related with some variations in presentation.

I work on the Mac version, and find it to be a very useful programme
with better interface than some, especially for the price. I like the
presentation and easy way to control members, nodes and loads, including
the ability to renumber and to move the origin.

Analysis can be conducted in either the modelling or design modules but
I am frustrated by the fact that it is done in separate modules.

I like the ability to export Quicktime movies/stills of deflections and
stress response but I am not very enthusiastic with the numeric report

I REALLY prefer to use SODA by Acronym Software for DESIGN of larger
steel frame structures but I will use Multi-frame for quick stuff and
special requirements.

> With all the talk about Windows and DOS based software, we hear very
> about Multi-Frame. Isn't this a MAC based software only? I received a
> package from the developer, but it was not clear if it was offered in
> than MAC format.
> I'm curious, are there many Multi-Frame users and what is your opinion of
> the software? Also, have you been able to make any comparisons to DOS
> products - ie, reliability, accuracy, ease of use.
> Please let me know what you think.