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Re: seaint Digest for 29 Oct 1998

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jim fulton said:

I am working on a project that involves a chemical plant in West Hill,
>> Ontario. In a 1975 report, the engineer says the structural steel  used
has a
>> yield of 44,000 psi. Is there a grade of steel used there with this minimum
>> specified yield, or I am wondering if it is A36 and he is giving the tested
>> yield? 
>> There is also a beam identified as 15 x 5-1/2 I 42.9 and one that is
>> 18 I @ 54.7 with section modulus stated as 89.3. I don't see anything
>> like that in the AISC. Are these Canadian sizes ? 
>> Thanks,
>> Jim Fulton 

Until this moment I never knew why I was keeping the 1970 Canadian
Institute of Steel Construction Handbook. If you would like me to fax you
the relevant 'properties' pages, let me know. 

Maura Gatensby Architect
Vancouver Canada