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I am not an old-timer and could say that I am a child of the new computer technology age. But on a personal preference, I like the manually drafted drawings. 2-D drawings could be shown with "depth" by shading the sheets with colors.

But CAD Softwares ability to be reused and/ modified in multiple projects is its strongest advantage. It really does look very plane in 2-D  but this is a minor if not negligible factor. In the end, it is the readability and constructibility of the drawing that does matter rather than its aesthetic presentation.

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I'm not sure why Bob abhors cad software? I understand the importance of a structural draftsperson and would not hire a drafter simply because he can use a CAD program. Without the ability to understand what he/she is looking at or the materials used, no type of drafting (manual or CAD) is adequate. The advantage of CAD to manual drafting techniques is it's ability for precision. In my days of manual methods it was not uncommon to find a production draftsperson who "fudged" the detailing rather than identify when dimensional differences of a fraction of an inch mattered.
The point is that CAD is a tool - no better or worse than manual methods in philosophy. CAD shines when repetitive steps or construction using pre-defined blocks can be used. I've worked both ways - but have not owned a drafting table in over twelve years.


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Bill Allen -

I , as an old timer , enjoyed your BRIEF response to Josie !

When I started my full time private practice in May of '64 my very first employee was a Structural Draftsman [ now being known as a ' Drafter ' ] . After I hired my two Structural Engineers, shortly thereafter , as I suspected
, the employee that 'Made' more profit for my small firm was the draftsman. He had , by then , had  15 years of experience.  {{ His artistic and professional work is still recognizable in  this small South Bay area }} !

Did he have BRAINS ?  You better believe it.  He knew that when the SE's handed him Detail Drawings to draft [ after their labourious calcs ] whether and/or not they were Good ! !     This is why , now that I am into the 90's, that I abhor AUTO CAD , etc. , etc. , etc.  !!   ( NO Style )   { as well as some of the Structural Software at which I have looked , in this short time period } .


RLK       [ and, I did not spell the misnomer in the above