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Hilti Sleeve Anchor Question

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For the anchorage of a stair steel stringer to a concrete support, my intent
was to use Hilti sleeve anchors. While reviewing Hilti's "Product Technical
Guide"(10/97), I noticed that section for this type of anchorage did not
specify the edge and spacing adjustment factors typically shown for the HDI-P
Drop-In, Kwik Bolt II, HUC Undercut, etc. anchorage types. Am I to infer from
this that edge and spacing distances for the Sleeve Anchor, regardless of
value, do not affect the allowable working load? If the anchor spacing was
such that the concrete cone failure zones overlap, I would assume that the
allowable working load must be reduced accordingly. I solved this problem by
using the adjustment factors indicated for the other mechanical anchors.
However, I'm curious if others on this list encountered this issue in the

Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD