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Re: Design fee guidelines

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Bill Coburn wrote:
> We are attempting to find design fee guidelines with fees determined as
> a percentage of the construction costs, as designers, construction
> manager and/or design/build.  Obviously a  percentage on a parking
> structure would be higher than an residential or commercial structure.
> Can anyone suggest a source for this type of information?  Naturally
> these percentages could not be project specific and will be used as a
> guideline/starting point only.
> We would also be grateful to anyone who could provide information based
> on past projects they have been involved with, i.e., cost for services
> vs. cost of construction.  I can be reached directly at Bill(--nospam--at)
> or Dan(--nospam--at)
> Thanks in advance.

Based on 33 years of architectural and structural services, the

If a structural is a consultant to the Architect on a project, the
Architect is traditionally looking at a maximum limit of 15% of the
architectural fee for structural services.  This will vary depending on
the character of the structure. Of course, the Architect is in the
middle pushing both ways.!!!

I have had Clients, primarily governmental agencies, advise me that they
can hire an Architect to do the entire project for 6% or maybe even
less, depending on the repetive character of the structure.  This fee
includes structural, mechanical, electrical and on-site civil ---
through construction administration.

While working as a prime consultant to a world-wide corporation I have
no problem obtaining fees of minimum 14% up, with some fees approaching
the actual construction costs.

Donn Wooldridge RA & SE